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ethos sampleProfessionalism: We believe that professionalism is the difference between good security and great security. Our employees are held to the highest standards of professional demeanor because our reputation is only as good as our representatives. This makes the client the priority, translating to a higher standard of performance in all elements of the Security professionals job.

Integrity: We believe that integrity is the building block to fostering an environment upon which reliability and security can be built on. Integrity is of utmost importance both between our clients and amongst our highly trained staff.

Trust: We believe that trust is paramount to the security industry. Just as a swimmer trusts a lifeguard, we work hard at establishing and maintaining trust with our clients to protect them and their assets from harm.

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Mission test 2Our Vision is to be Canada’s leading provider of security and secure transport services by providing peace of mind through custom security solutions. We will adapt to each client’s needs and our consultants will develop customized security plans that suit each individual or business.

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  • Executive and Protection Services.
  • Specialized and Private Event Security.
  • Loss Prevention.
  • Secured Transport Services.
  • Private Investigation and Surveillance(coming soon).

Executive protection security: Our officers have over 30 years of experience in the close protection industry with backgrounds ranging from special forces military to private security industry authority. As a result, our clients can be sure to receive protection services of the highest caliber. Our Operatives are tier 1 and 2 and are specialized in areas such as explosive detection, executive escort and bodyguard detail, field operations, counter surveillance and physical security penetration.

Specialized and private events: Cornerstone takes pride in ensuring that the clients concerns are our main priority. With our Specialized events division we can ensure your next VIP event or private gathering carries on successfully. With proven results and an active roster of Security professionals working in some of the most prestigious venues in the city, Cornerstone can ensure that the quality of protection for your events will be the least of your concern.

Asset Protection: Asset protection is an issue for many organizations. From theft of merchandise by dishonest patrons to internal crimes committed by employees, organizations deal with asset management issues on a daily basis and as a result it takes away from their focus on servicing their customers. Cornerstone’s Asset protection division specializes in a range of loss prevention tactics to service the client base on their unique requirements. Contact us to assist you with your business needs

Secured Transport: Supply chain management and transport are huge factors that could cost businesses hundreds of thousands annually. Many varying factors can arise both externally and internally. As such, having a proper secured transport system in your businesses operation can be a critical factor that may save executives from undue stress. Cornerstone’s secured transportation division specializes in varying methods of transportation as well as levels of security with a chain of signature requirement at every step of the way from destinations A to Z.

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