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ethos sampleProfessionalism: We believe that professionalism the difference between good security and great security. Our employees are trained to act as if this was their business – which translates to a higher standard of performance in all elements of their job.

Integrity: We believe that integrity is the building block to fostering an environment upon which reliability and security can be built on. Integrity is of utmost importance both between our clients and amongst our highly trained staff.

Trust: We believe that trust is paramount to the security industry. Just as a swimmer trusts a lifeguard, we work hard at establishing and maintaining trust with our clients to protect them and their assets from harm.

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Mission test 2Our Vision is to be Canada’s leading provider of security services by providing peace of mind through custom security solutions. We will adapt to each clients needs and develop a customized package that suits each individual or business.

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Private security and investigation:

  • Our team is trained in multiple areas of close quarter combat and hold firearm
    licenses. Furthermore, our teams years of experience range from marines to secret opts, allowing our clients to feel secure being in the best hands.

Asset protection:

  • With years of experience behind us, our clients feel safe knowing their assets are in
    the best hands. Cornerstone is well positioned to provide all necessary security services for the coming marijuana influx along with all other physical assets protection services.

Establishment security:

  • Holding contract’s with various high-end clubs in Vancouver, Cornerstone has
    established itself as a leader in providing professional security services for these

Event security:

  • Having started in event security, Cornerstones long list of successful events allows clients to focus on what they do best while we take care of the rest.
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